Pluriton has more than 40 years experience of the export of hatching eggs and one-day old chicks to more than 70 countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Central America. Our long-standing relationships with our customers are based on trust and quality.

Collaboration with Pluriton means:

  • flexibility
  • customer-focused (24/7)
  • distinctive in terms of quality
  • knowhow and expertise

Our core activities are:

  • the supply of premium breeds
  • the supply of products originating from Pluriton’s own breeder farms and hatcheries
  • providing efficient logistics (documents, packaging and transport)
  • deliveries in accordance with Dutch, EU and OIE legislation (food safety and animal welfare)

Export certification for other European countries is also possible through Pluriton’s international contacts.

If you would you like to receive a quote or more information about our hatching eggs or one-day old chicks, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team is ready  and will reply within 24 hours.