Hatchery for one-day old chicks of layer breeds

Our layer one day-old-chicks originate from our own hatcheries in the Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary. The combination of self-managed production (24 million chicks per year) and excellent quality of the layer hatching eggs consistently delivers vital and healthy day-old chicks with a high maternal immunity from poultry diseases.

Pluriton offers:

  • large and small volumes
  • fully self-managed production, premium quality chicks
  • standard vaccinations against infectious bronchitis and Marek
  • the possibility of comprehensive vaccinations/treatments
  • packed in specially developed plastic crates
  • the hatch connects with the transport of the chicks

Our modern hatcheries are headed by experienced hatchery managers. The hatching eggs are carefully selected, sorted according to weight and set in advanced Hatch Tech incubators.
The hatch takes place within an exceptionally short time frame (narrow hatch window), resulting in vital chicks of uniform size. Our hatcheries apply the most stringent hygiene standards and feature modern equipment for the administration of vaccinations (against IB, Marek, NCD, Gumboro, Coccidiose and others diseases) and for beak treatment (laser technology).

The chicks are packed into plastic crates specially developed by Pluriton. These contribute to a stable configuration of shipments and ensure optimal ventilation during transport.

Our sales managers will be happy to advise you about specific breed characteristics to help you select the breed that best suits your requirements or the particular conditions of your environment.