Pluriton has branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary. These companies – and our partners in various other European countries – are constantly looking for the most efficient transport methods, to ensure that our hatching eggs and day-old chicks arrive at their destination in an optimal condition.

Pluriton offers:

  • 100% attention for your shipment
  • reliable and flexible in-house transport
  • monitoring during transport
  • complete and correct export documentation

Pluriton collaborates with hauliers, forwarders and airlines to select the transport with the shortest possible transit times. We ourselves take care of the transport of chicks to the farm or to airports in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg. Our specialist staff are in attendance at the airport, where they ensure optimal pallet stacking to ensure maximum ventilation. Special equipment is used to monitor temperature during transport. Correct export documentation in accordance with all relevant legislation accompanies every consignment, to ensure an efficient customs clearance.